Featured Photographer in March issue of F11 Magazine

by admin, April 4, 2012

The beginning of the year has been busy with lots of shoots going on, nothing like being busy and being kept on your toes- Love it! March in particular was a fantastic month for many reasons, one being that I was a featured photographer in f11 magazine, as it is one of my favorite photography magazines I was absolutely stoked! To be honest I wasn’t really sure I was up to their standard, they have awesome photographers in their features that I respect, and who continually inspire, and although that is one of my aims in life with my photography- to inspire, I wasn’t sure I was there yet- But then when is the right time really? It’s not up to us to know when that time is I don’t think, because we have emotional attachment to our images it’s hard to define. I personally don’t think about it much, I just try and do the best of my ability at the time and keep trying to push my own boundaries creatively. What will be will be, that’s the beauty of what we do, there’s always something new, a different way to shoot things, a different vision. That’s what’s so great about f11 Magazine, it showcases some fantastic talent and has some great editorials, so if you’re not subscribed then definitely do so, it’s pure gold!

Ok, so I got a little sidetracked there, back to the feature… click on the f11 cover below and it’ll take you to the issue with the rest of my feature, while you’re there check out the other issues and definitely subscribe..  enjoy!

Mark Harris Photographer - F11 Magazine

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