G-TARanaki – after thoughts and thanks!

by admin, August 19, 2010

So, a few days have past now and I’ve had time to go through all of the images taken, catch up on some sleep, and gather my thoughts. Firstly I want to give a HUGE shout out to the all of the crew at G-TARanaki, the people who helped put it all together and made it run smoothly on the night. I’ve worked on some large events over the years covering all kinds of things, and the organization and the way it rolled over the whole event was absolutely world class & second to none, another shout out to the company who did all the design work, they’re the ones who made it look as world class as it was through all of the details, you can check them out here. The security crew, again top class, they were helpful and friendly not only to me but in every aspect- they had a hefty job to do and did it extremely well. Lastly, the amazingly talented artists who performed this year, watching you all jamming with each other was out of this world, thanks so much for coming!. I’m sure I’ve missed others who were involved in some way large and small, you’re all included in here- You were all amazing!- G-Taranaki 2010 was amazing because of you!

Another massive thanks to everyone who has commented on the images in person, on here, FB, and in emails etc. I just had a note from another photographer telling me he’s been showing this blog to others for them to aspire to, this to me is one of the biggest compliments as a photographer(the other, and most important- that the client loves them!)- Of course, I don’t see myself as being way way up there and have lots of other photographers who give me inspiration- Anyway, Thanks Tim! A last little note on that- Like everything, aspiring is great, but it’s the time and practice you put in that counts- alas, nothing comes without hard work=)

Click HERE to view more images on the G-Taranaki Facebook page.

Also check out the video on there from Saturday night @ Puke Ariki- it’s awesome!!

There’s also a nice write up on Taranaki Times, you can see that here

If you didn’t go, then make sure you do next time!

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