G-TARanaki- Friday Night main concert @ TSB Stadium

by admin, August 14, 2010

WOW, what an incredible night!! I said that in my last post and am saying it again in this post, and I have no doubt I’ll be saying it again in the next post after tonight’s show! I can’t put it in words, so will let the images do the talking. What I will say is a HUGE thanks to everyone involved in creating this amazing event, and all of the artist involved- It’s an amazing experience photographing all of you- all of your talent is absolutely mind blowing!

Alright, onto the images- Enjoy =)….

Ed Knowles- The Checks:

Desiree Bassett:

Desiree Bassett:

Tony Levin:

Tony Levin playing with California Guitar Trio:

Tony Levin, California Guitar Trio & Guy Pratt:

Uli Jon Roth:

Vinnie Moore:

Desiree Bassett & Uli Jon Roth:

Jennifer Batten:

The Checks:

The Stadium getting totally rocked:

Oli Brown visits the crowd:

Oli in the crowd again:

And again, Oli:

Uli Jon Roth:

TSB Stadium pumping!

And again:

Paul from California Guitar Trio:

Guy Pratt from Pink Floyd:


    • Zoe
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    • August 14, 2010


  • Amazing!

    • Debra
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    • August 16, 2010

    how cool!! what amazing pics! do you sell to general public at all? i would def be interested in purchasing something

    • sarah
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    • August 24, 2010

    can't wait to see the sat midnight session photos :)

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