Timelapse of Cameron Betts

by admin, August 25, 2010

For those who don’t know, Cameron is a young videographer in New Plymouth, at a young age he’s already making waves and has worked on some decent projects over the past year or two already. Here’s his blog and here’s his CMVideo site

I worked with Cameron on some images for his new site, he required images that showed who he was, had a kind of cinematic feel to them, and something just a little ‘outside the box’. We got some great images, and on top of that I created a time-lapse in the studio for him. A fun little project that had to take a good amount of thinking prior to shooting it, once I had the images they all had to have the same processing and adjustments so they matched perfectly and also had the same cinematic look I’d done on the others for him so everything combined fitted together nicely throughout his site. I also didn’t want to create ‘just another time-lapse’, I wanted it to be a little different to others I had seen, and so after toying with a few ideas this is the end result. When I sent it through to Cameron he loved it as much as I did. So here it is..

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  • Oh, look who it is. Haha ;)

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