Wedding- Nicola & Mark

by admin, April 3, 2010

A note from zoe…

So we started out the day with spaghetti on toast (always a good start to the day), then packed the gear in the car and headed off to Okurukuru Winery via Headquarters(hair) and Devon Beauty Boutique(make up) to photograph yet another amazing wedding (life is kind!). Today was most exciting for myself as the wedding party and guests were also English – English shoes and an English dress – yay for me =) It was so much fun to hear that accent again and have people laugh at my jokes =) I love my kiwi’s but its so much fun to go back to your roots!

So what an AWESOME wedding we were privileged to shoot –Thanks Mark and NICOLA (that was for my Mark), you guys were truly awesome! I must say small weddings are so beautiful – I love the whole intimacy thing that goes on – what a beautiful wedding!

Oh, and thanks guys for giving me back my shoe passion and giving us the opportunity to get you some truly magical images, we wish you many years of bliss as Husband & Wife…

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